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    Re: [RC] Ready for 55? (long) - Truman Prevatt

    The Big South Fork was a three day for two years but is back to two days now. This is the only 3 day ride currently in the SE. While no endurance ride is "easy" this one is not difficult.  The footing is good and there is normally good trail water.

    You don't have to ride every day. You can ride the first and third. You can bring two horses and ride every day or you can shoot for three days on the same horse. Just go slower if you are looking to ride more than a day.


    Laurie Durgin wrote:
    So how much prep. for a multiday ride?The same as , say, training  for a 50? I didn't know there were any in the se, I thought they were all 'west'.
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    Geezz, leave it to someone to kill off a new ride before it even gets it's hoof off the ground with that kind of talk.  I am so hoping that the Gator Run gets a good turn out next January cause it's one of the few 3 day rides we have in the Southeast.  Osceola is not deep sand; the footing is fantastic and it's just over the GA border.
    Not all Florida rides are deep sand ones.  Osceola and Ponce DeLeon are not and I like the ground at Goethe, also. Ya'll seem to enjoy Goethe and I would venture to say . ./.

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    Re: [RC] Ready for 55? (long), Laurie Durgin