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    Re: [RC] Ready for 55? - AprJhn

    I was using a GPS. The distance and MPH that I go by is software generated though, not strictly by what the GPS says. Even on the flat, the GPS distance is usually 5% less than what the software estimates (Which I consider more accurate). However, the software doesn't take into consideration the elevation changes. I'm currently investigating other software that will give me a much more accurate distance and MPH including the elevation changes. Based on topo maps, not just the GPS data.

    I was doing hills. Not extreme hills, but hills nonetheless. And we did trot a lot. He was really going for me. It's nice to know he'll just ask to quit when he's tired, though, too. Doesn't mean he'll do that in competition with all the excitement, but still...

    Since Truman addressed the Gator Run terrain, I won't, but I did do some research before deciding to go to a FL ride. :) I don't want to lay my horse up since I have no way of training in sand here.

    Nashville, TN

    rides2far@xxxxxxxx wrote:

    Well, if we're actually going to try to give some *good* advice. >g< I'll chime in what my first impression was when I read the post. I would not be worried about my mph on a ride where I felt I'd trotted plenty, especially if it's hills and she was going by a GPS which misjudges distance in hills.

    MY biggest misgiving was the idea of doing back to back 25's *or* a 50 at a ride called "Gator Run" (sounds like FLA...is it not sandy?) when she's obviously training on hard red clay in TN. My horse has a lot of miles but I still shake in my boots at the idea of the damage sand can do. My horse did his 3rd 50 in deep sand and ended up taking off 8 months to heal. :-P


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