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    Re: [RC] Ready for 55? (long) - Truman Prevatt

    The footing in the Osceola NF is wonderful. It's a combination of firmly packed sandy soil and turf. Very litte if any deep sand. The forest roads are mostly packed clay. If there is any ride you could do barefoot - this is it.

    I wouldn't worry much about a 55 there, it is a ride with good footing and flat. The nearest hill is 50 miles :-).


    rides2far@xxxxxxxx wrote:

    Well, if we're actually going to try to give some *good* advice. >g< I'll chime in what my first impression was when I read the post. I would not be worried about my mph on a ride where I felt I'd trotted plenty, especially if it's hills and she was going by a GPS which misjudges distance in hills.

    MY biggest misgiving was the idea of doing back to back 25's *or* a 50 at a ride called "Gator Run" (sounds like FLA...is it not sandy?) when she's obviously training on hard red clay in TN. My horse has a lot of miles but I still shake in my boots at the idea of the damage sand can do. My horse did his 3rd 50 in deep sand and ended up taking off 8 months to heal. :-P


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    Re:Re: [RC] Ready for 55? (long), rides2far