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    Re: [RC] Whoops, sent it before I was done....sorry - FancyNite

    In a message dated 10/29/2002 7:33:52 PM Central Standard Time, Merryben@xxxxxxx writes:

    And you would presume to know what is in my mind...That's pretty insulting...I do care or I would not be on the AERC board year after year....I would not be head of the junior committee which I got the board to create......I would not be taking these kids to rides either.  I take the kids to rides, provide them with horses most of the time, sponsor them, take care of them for entire weekends and you have the audacity to say that I don't care.   You need a reality check and maybe some manners before you start bad mouthing me and telling me what I care and don't care about.


    I don't personally know you, but I hope to someday meet you, so I can hug your neck.  Sponsors like you are not replaceable!  Sponsors like you have taught us OLD juniors more than we can mention.  Although you never sponsored me, please except my HUGE THANK YOU.   

    A now OLD junior (hey, it makes me feel young saying that)
    Jinnifer Plummer