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    Re: [RC] Round Bales + Deaths(?) - Laurie Durgin

    I have fed round bales year round for 3.5 years. I checked it with my vet. He said as long as they eat it quick enough.(ours are less than 7-10 days). They don not eat the bad hay, or any moldy.(which only happens if rain gets under the tarps  and I usually pull off the top 2' if it is. (I have to buy 10 rolls at a time and I have to store it under tarps(last 3mos. It is good hay , cut properly and stored in a barn till I get it. It then store it on a slope and under tarps. the bottom couple inches and occasionally the top few inches may get wet.. But They eat from the sides first. And I may even put a small tarp on it over our hayring, if rain is expected for a couple days in a row.  Down here in the Se  so many farmers have gone to round baling equipment, that square bales are starting to disappear. And trucked in hay from up north is 3 to 4 times the cost as round bales. (I also learned to use the hayring  because they will destroy it halfway through  and risk getting tangled in the haystring, which I remove when they are done with the bale.    hope this helps, Laurie and Rascal the round bale eater
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    Subject: [RC] Round Bales + Deaths(?)
    Just read the brief discussion on horse deaths
    relating to the feeding of round bales and had a
    couple questions.  I board my horse and for the first
    time in the two years since we've been at this stable
    they decided to feed round bales in the dry lot this
    year.  Horses go off of pasture shortly after the
    first frost.
    So I'm concerned about her having access to feeding
    off the round bale while turned out which is quite
    limited in and of itself.  The prior two years it was
    whatever the horses could find to nibble in the
    outdoor arena area (their drylot) that is sand.  Which
    I realize has its own risks ie sand colic.
    There is no way to separate her from the rest of her
    turn-out herd unless she is stalled all day which is
    not an option.  Other stables are being sought in the
    Can the stable be held liable for the death of a horse
    being fed round bales?  Or is this just one of the
    risks of horse ownership?  Assuming just one of the
    risks taken though.
    How much then is the risk of feeding round bales to
    horses?  Is this high risk, moderate or low risk?

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