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    Re: [RC] truck DVW - Truman Prevatt

    The "powerstroke" had been around a long time when Ford decided to put it in it's trucks. They are in busses, International medium duty trucks, etc. The place Ford screwed up when they first put it in their trucks was the transmission. That engine literally fried the automatic transmissions (and a few standards also).

    With something new, I would perfer not to be the "beta tester." The duramax will probably be a good product in a few years when they get the bugs out.


    Lynette wrote:
    >For capacity check out the new 4500 and 5500 chasis from GMC. (up to >19000
    >gvw)? All you powestroke folk need to try a Duramax.
    My parents bought a new Duramax Diesel this spring to haul there 5th wheel trailer for traveling. After only 6 months of use it quit "dead" on them while hauling there trailer home from the Hostefest. Luckily they were not too far from home. It is setting at the Chev. dealers right now and it looks like they are?ordering my parents a new engine. They were told by the dealer that this is a on-going problem with the Duramax and?Chevy has not worked all of the kinks out of the engine yet. They were glad they were not farther away from home!
    (At least the Ford powerstroke does not have a habit of?dyeing on you. :-)

    It's a dog-eat-dog kind of world out there -
    If I were you, I'd carry a big stick and say "moo"

    [RC] truck DVW, Lynette