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    Re: [RC] drugs and sewing sheaths - Merryben

    The answer is simple, money, money, money.  Having been invovled in the show scene with Tenessee Walking Horses and Saddlebreds many years ago, it boils down to money.  I have to think that the TWH is the kindest breed known to man.  They have been in my opinion the most abused breed ever.  The problem is that the public sees these horses with the "big lick" and they think it looks great and those are the horses they like to see win.  The more natural horses look plain and dull to the spectator.  They have never been to the barns after the shows and seen horses shifting from foot to foot because of the pain, or worse, just plain lying down because standing hurts too much.  Before the TWH people get up in arms, I am talking about the 70's and 80's and I think it has been cleaned up a lot since then.  That is only the "gaited" breeds.  We don't even want to go to the other practices with Arabs, Quarter Horses, etc.  You don't want to know how some trainers get the peanut rolling headset on their western pleasure horses......My horses are dirty, have no barn, and get nicked up during their pecking order wars, but they are happy, healthy and allowed to just be horses......mb
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