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    Re: [RC] [RC] Sewing a Sheath Shut? - Carolyn Burgess


    The difference between what they do to a pregnant woman who has an incompetent cervix is that the put a couple of stitches into the cervix. A Caslicks is stitching the vulva closed, and is used to keep the vaginal tract reasonably clean in mares who have infection problems. But on the race track they think that the mares are disctracted by it. I don't know what kind of draft they get back there, maybe it works more like a wind spoiler on a race car :-)

    Carolyn Burgess

    <<<While I think this procedure (called a Caslicks repair) is way overdone in the racing world (it is done on runners as well), it is a useful surgery in mares who are having difficulty carrying foals due to repeated fecal contamination of their vaginal tract, which in turn irritates the cervix and can cause uterine infections. A similar procedure is also done on women in late pregnancy who have histories of miscarriage and are at risk again.>>>

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