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    Re: [RC] Sewing a Sheath Shut? - Heidi Smith

    > This may seem like a strange thing, but in the harness racing world, they
    > sew a mare shut and just leave enough room for her to pee through.  The
    > theory is that she will be flapping in the breeze when she runs and that
    > would be distracting.  I think it would be more distracting to be sewn
    While I think this procedure (called a Caslicks repair) is way overdone in
    the racing world (it is done on runners as well), it is a useful surgery in
    mares who are having difficulty carrying foals due to repeated fecal
    contamination of their vaginal tract, which in turn irritates the cervix and
    can cause uterine infections.   A similar procedure is also done on women in
    late pregnancy who have histories of miscarriage and are at risk again.
    That's your off-topic reproductive lesson for the day....
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    [RC] Sewing a Sheath Shut?, Carolyn Burgess