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    Re: [RC] Re:Deworming schedules - Heidi Smith

    > Being a practicing technician, I have to agree that just because the
    > poope tests clean does NOT mean your horse doesn't need to be wormed.
    > Different parasites have different life cycles, and the fecal tests
    > will not always catch it depending on what stage of the cycle the
    > parasite is in.
    Mary and the whole host of other posters who have stated that a negative
    fecal is not necessarily an indication that the horse is clean are correct.
    That's why one designs deworming programs based upon how parasites act in a
    given climate and on the type of management system.  The best knowledge for
    designing a program is having some idea what the reinfection rate is apt to
    be under given conditions at a given time of year.
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