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    Re: [RC] Re:Deworming schedules - Vallonelee

    In a message dated 10/21/02 9:24:35 PM US Mountain Standard Time, EgyptianMirage@xxxxxx writes:

    As I am sure you know, when you want them to "poop" they dont, when you don't they do!

    Ha!  All I have to do is start heading them for the trailer and they all go.

    Seriously though.  I used to do fecals and the vet told me that you cannot always tell from a fecal if the horse has worms unless really infested.  She said that certain worms, like tapeworm, don't show on a fecal. Is this my faulty memory or is there some truth to this.  I liked the idea of testing rather than dosing with wormer but haven't done the fecals in quite some time because of what I was told.

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