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    Re: [RC] Truck ? - Magnumsmom

    Hi Cora,
    Good thing you asked before just buying a 1 ton.  The
    dealer is being straight with you (imagine that!).  You
    won't get more than 12,000 - 13,000 useful load out of
    a standard 1 ton pickup regardless of make.  And that's
    if you max it out.
    However, there is some hope.  Ford makes midsize trucks
    for large loads like yours... their 450, 550, etc.  Check
    on those for towing your 17,000 load.  Leave some comfort
    room.  You don't want to burn out an expensive truck by
    loading it at max everytime out.
    Too bad Dodge never actually made their T-Rex:
    :)  :)  :)
    Much luck with truck buying.  Good for you for finding one
    that will actually do the job.
    Kathy Myers
    in Santa Fe, NM
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