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    RE: [RC] Truck ? - Jerry & Susan Milam

    I have a friend with a 2001 Dodge 6cyl, 5.9L Diesel Cummins engine that pulled a flatbed full of large roundbales yesterday. It tipped the scales at 32,820lbs and it didn't break a sweat. I'll be getting a 2003 in a few weeks and it has added even more hp and torque that the 2001. I think it will handle any load I can come up with. Another thing...It's as quiet as a gas engine!
    Check out the Dodge.
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    Am looking for a heavier truck. Just talked to dealer, and was told a 1 Ton 350 4WD Ford is not rated for more than 12,000 lbs. How can that be? Need to be in the 17,000 lb category. What else is out there, or am I all wet. Really thought a 1 ton 350 would do the job....Cora

    [RC] Truck ?, Cora