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    [RC] Jim comments, and my DAL nomination - Laura Hayes

    Jim Holland wrote: <<<<At the NCR ride this past weekend, Laura Hayes and I
    discussed horse abuse issues while we were riding around the day before the
    50. Laura, by the way, was involved in many "animal abuse" cases. Ask her if
    you want details...raised my hackles!  ...She WILL get my vote...>>>
    BTW, my 'involvement' was as an investigator, not a perpetrator <g>
    I have some bad news regarding my nomination as Dir at Large - wellll - it
    isn't.  It appears I neglected to send in the $5. with my nomination (which
    I had emailed).  I didn't even realize it was necessary, and when I got Mike
    Maul's email it was after NCR and was too late.  He did say the AERC office
    alerted me, but I have no record of that - I certainly would not have let $5
    stand in my way!  I guess I have been pretty preoccupied lately with Shore
    to Shore, WEG and NCR all in a row and involving a week or more away from
    I will most likely throw in my hat for regional director next year.  In the
    mean time, there are many well qualified candidates for DAL - please vote
    and stay informed - it is our duty to the sport we love.
    Best regards,
    Laura Hayes  AERC#2741
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