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    Re: [RC] [RC] Dixie Midnight - dixie midnight

    On RideCamp, 10-11-02, Cindy Eyler writes:
    "Here's my experience -- and Karl, the developer of the DM vent pad, agrees. If you do long rides in hot and humid weather, at competition speed, you will occasionally still need to wash your saddle pad."

    Well...Cindy and I discussed this point on another list recently, and the situation we were looking at was this:

    On a REALLY hot and humid day, when Horse is doing over 20 miles, at a good pace, it is POSSIBLE that a very slight amount of moisture will rise to the outside of the bottom of the saddle pad. We've never seen enough moisture there to even penetrate the saddle pad. If left alone, it will evaporate, and >poof< be gone.

    And, of course, we ride in Florida--the Granddaddy of 'em all for hot, humid weather. (Pant, pant--is it gone yet??? It's OCTOBER and it's 92°F in the SHADE!!!)

    As Cindy says, above, it is her experience that once in a while you might want to wash your saddle pad--it's the sort of thing that is a rider option. We've experienced this phenomenon occasionally, and haven't ever washed our saddle pads (that'd be in 12 years of riding with the same saddle pad and a No-Sweat) and we have no smells or ickies on our pads.

    That's why we call it a rider option.

    GOOD point, Cindy!! Thanks for bringing it up!

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