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    Re: [RC] [RC] Proposed Bylaws - Heidi Smith

    > The other thing to remember is if you do sneak you gun in, not to shoot
    > the messenger. The BOD put in a lot of long hours in this process to
    > present to the membership the proposed new bylaws. A vote for or against
    > the bylaws is not a indictment on the BOD.
    > The BOD has done their work, it's now time for the membership to do
    Well put, Truman, and thank you.
    If there were never last-minute changes needed, then voting would be an
    unnecessary exercise.  We all appreciate the work the BoD has put in, and I
    for one hope that the primary authors of the changes don't just throw in the
    towel if the changes lose on the first ballot due to what glitches still
    The ballot box is still the primary forum in which the voter is heard, never
    mind all of the rhetoric about how we "should have" spoken up sooner.
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