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    Re: [RC] [RC] Proposed Bylaws - C. Eyler

    We should be embarrassed that we never looked at the proposed changes until
    now.  The BOD asked us for feedback, repeatedly.  All those requests were
    probably because they had worked so long on all this that they knew they
    might be missing something obvious (the same way that it's so tough to
    proofread something you've written yourself and be able to catch all the
    stupid stuff, like typing "form" when you meant "from").
    We should be embarrassed that we did nothing to prevent the waste of $2500
    of *OUR* money -- wasted if the proposed changes fail and a new proposal
    must be developed and voted on by the membership, and wasted if the proposed
    changes pass but we need another vote to change the citizen/resident
    > << I'm truly embarassed for Ridecamp today. >>
    > Because some of us don't like some of the proposed changes and are voting
    > "No?"  Jeez........I thought this was a democratic thing and there were
    > ways to vote..........
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