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    Re: [RC] [RC] Proposed Bylaws - Laney Humphrey

        I'd agree, Truman - human nature at its very best.  But I'd add democracy at
    its best too.  Seems to me that part of the trouble is the shift from the old
    townhall kind of get together where people gathered and hashed out their
    differences face to face.  The Web is wonderful, snail mail is great but they
    lack the real-time, immediacy of a good old meeting.
        The BoD did a fantastic job and they sure asked for feedback.  What they got
    was human nature - never do today what you can put off til tomorrow unless it's
    ride your horse.  Well, feedback is flying fast and furious now so maybe we just
    all need to calm down, remember our manners and adjust to a different time frame
    for accomplishing the changes to the by-laws.
        The democratic process is never easy, simple or predictable because it
    depends on human nature but it sure is better than the alternatives!  As we
    struggle to resolve our differences, please let us remember that democracy
    encourages debate over differences of opinion but should never include name
    calling or blame.  Remember, the rule was that you had to leave your gun at the
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