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Current to Wed Jul 23 17:36:48 GMT 2003
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    [RC] by-laws - Roy Drinnan

    Sorry, but in showing another member why this is a hot topic, I notice
    another item in that section.
    You cannot be a regular member and any other type of member.
    5.02(a) states ... and holds no other membership.
    5.02 (6.5) states ... an international membership may be held in conjuction
    with a regular membership
    These are in conflict.
    Also it state a vet membership is for vets that do not wish to become
    members, but the is no defined avenue for moving from vet member to regular
    member, and since a regular member is not available to someone with a vet
    membership, you are in a quandry.
    I agree that we probably should have read these before now, but I personnaly
    didn't know about them until this last week.
    I also believe that a 'No' vote is a method to request a rewrite, not a lack
    of confidence in the board.
    I would like to add that in some cases multiple changes must be put forth as
    one motion because they are interdependant, but not all the changes need to
    be in one motion.  I have been party to en mass changes that have succeeded
    and ones that have failed due to a small item being rejected.
    It is far simpler to do it in one motion, but it is much riskier.(is that a
    word ???)
    Roy Drinnan
    The stupid Canadian Eh!
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