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Re: Verbal Cues

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From: Maryanne Stroud Gabbani
Sent: Wednesday, January 23, 2002 5:09 AM
Subject: RC: RE: Verbal Cues

Most people around here think that I'm slightly nuts, but then I also used
to ride alone ALOT until I got some others around to thinking that horses
could be ridden for more than 45 minutes in an arena. Probably as a result
of riding alone, I talk to my horses all the time about the footing or
whatever bizarre creature (like a policeman on a camel or a rattling sheet
metal donkey cart) and I find that my old girls who have had over 10 years
to get used to my idiocy seem to understand most of what I say in
conversation. One of my favourite commands is "Come" which can be upgraded
to "Get your butt over here right now!".


Well, folks around my neck of the woods don't have to even think about whether or not their horse owning neighbor is slightly nuts.  Most of them know the answer to that one. 

I constantly talk to my horses, each and every one of them, especially while riding.  Sometimes, it's telepathic, sometimes I curse a bit, and sometimes I tell em I love em and can't live without them.  During this moment in time, especially if I'm training (my word for just riding a long time) out on a beautiful trail with the sun out and no bugs,  I have the potential to sob at how wonderful life can be. 

My excuse, to others, who may wonder why I speak to the horses so often, is, "It's a bonding thing.  I, also, let them rub their heads on my back quite often."  The truth is, I value their company and treat them better, and with more respect, than I do most humans.  And it's probably why I'm so socially inept with people, but horses and me get along just fine.

During some of our endurance time together, since I like to keep things simple, I offer advice to my wife that usually sounds like, "This is one tough sport," or "you really gotta love the horse to do this sport!"

I think Erica is sick of hearing both of those repeated lines from me a bit too often.  But, it's the way I feel.  It makes riding more fun, you can tolerate more crap from your buddy, if you love your damn horse to death like you should, and let him know, by talking with him, every chance you get.  If you don't want your neighbors to know you're as crazy as Maryanne and me, then do it while you're out alone, just the two of you, on the endurance trail.





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