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Re: Verbal Cues

I also have been enjoying reading the threads on verbal cues. I used to talk a LOT to my horses while riding but now try to reserve it for when we're riding on our own (the only time I'm allowed to sing). My older mare, Dinah, always responds to my clucks & kissing noises even when someone else is riding her. She needs no coaxing to go faster, so I had to learn to control myself. Unfortunately for my friends who ride Dinah, my new mare Lola seems to keep a steady pace better with some kissing noises (rather than my nagging leg) so we'll have to work on that!
But something funny happened the other day that still has me amazed... my friend was riding Dinah while I rode Lola, Dinah was in front of us a bit. I yelled to my friend to take a left at the next road (the opposite way of home) to give the girls a drink in the canal. Well, to both of our disbelief, Dinah started heading left WAY before my friend even really thought about making the turn, in fact I wasn't even sure she had heard me. Dinah has always amazed me with her ability to read my mind (I know, I know, they say it's really body language) about which way to go. She has, on numerous occasions, made a turn just because I looked at a trail & WONDERED where it went. But this takes the cake, she read my mind when I wasn't even riding her - so much for the necessity of verbal cues!
Bany in So Fla (hope to see some of you at Dupuis Piney Pig!)
Lola (Hope I can finish 25 miles at Dupuis Piney Pig - last weekend I thought mom was trying to KILL me!)
Dinah (Been there, done that... yawn)

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