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Re: RC: Re: Verbal Cues

Title: Re: RC:  Re:  Verbal Cues
on 1/24/02 8:49 AM, Howard Bramhall at wrote:

I constantly talk to my horses, each and every one of them, especially while riding.  Sometimes, it's telepathic, sometimes I curse a bit, and sometimes I tell em I love em and can't live without them.  During this moment in time, especially if I'm training (my word for just riding a long time) out on a beautiful trail with the sun out and no bugs,  I have the potential to sob at how wonderful life can be.  

Funny you should write that today:) I did a nice 20 mile ride today. Here in So Cal it is breezy, about 55 degrees and not a cloud in the sky. My mare, whom I do talk to quite a bit while riding, navigated a intersection on the way to the mountain trail with traffic, workman, four bulldozers and a crane. She had to go right by them all in the lanes of traffic (I didn't know they were doing construction, I would have not taken that route) and was solid as a rock. So I was already feeling pretty good about things when we finally got into the mountains, popped over a ridge in the middle of nowhere and could see the entire mountain range and the whole valley. The breeze had come up and was blowing toward us which felt great and smelled like sage. I look up and there is the most beautiful eagle soaring on that breeze. It is times like that when tears start to roll at the beauty out there and the fact that I am on one of God's most amazing creatures in that setting. That is just a beautiful thing for a human being's soul.
Preaching to the choir, Tiffany

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