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Re: RC: Fire Mountain and Thank you's

Title: Re: RC:  Fire Mountain and Thank you's
on 1/21/02 4:19 PM, Becky Hackworth at wrote:

First to Rebecca Florio for picking up a horse in Sunland for me.  It worked out to be a Birthday present for my 4th Daughter, Colleen who has recently showed interest in riding endurance with Heather and I.  Needed another horse.  This horse was a rescue/ help situation that we were very much the ones that won on this deal...he is adorable....14'3" or so....white and nearly bomb proof.....16 years old....with a been there done that attitude.  Has not done any endurance as yet, but should be able to see is daughter really wants to do this sport....

And I would like to thank Becky Hackworth! This is the horse I posted about a couple weeks ago. The Cal Poly bred, Real McCoy horse. He is a special guy and I so wanted a really good home for him. I would have kept him myself, had I room for another. What more could a neglected guy want than his very own 14 year old girl who wants to ride, really ride, plus love him to death. I cried when I knew this was going to work out.
Thanks to all involved and for Ridecamp itself, the way this guy found his new home!
Thanks to all and may your daughter and Prinz have many happy miles on the trail together!

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