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Re: OK....I'm officially a dork (re: blanket sizing)

ROFLMAO!!!  This is exactly what I did too....
sometimes I wish my hair wasn't blonde.....
Off to the barn to remeasure my 'little' horse!
Sarah McIntosh & Saffy (75 miles) & Tawny (no miles)
Abbotsford, BC
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From: Patti Pankiewicz-Fuchs
Sent: Wednesday, January 23, 2002 9:49 AM
Subject: RC: OK....I'm officially a dork (re: blanket sizing)

Alriiiiiiighty then......thanks to all who quickly responded that my measurement does indeed sound too I'm sitting here at my desk thinking and thinking how I could have measured her wrong and then it hit me.....
I had used the weight/height tape to measure her and then converted the 15.3 into 63 inches.....however anyone who's ever used one may remember that on the height side there is a big blank space before the ruler actually starts...which is where you're supposed to put your foot to hold the tape taut while you measure the height.
Hence the incorrect measurement.
Ya know I just *knew* there was reason I started dying my hair blonde.

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