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Desperately wanting to start Endurance Riding

Deborah Rush
Hello Everyone,
   It has been about 13 years since I last owned a horse.  Now at 41
having 4 children, it is about time I did something I've always wanted to
do.  Two months ago I purchased a little Arab, she was foaled 1/22/97.
She is young (unfortunately I'm not) and I am now inexperienced.  I've
started taking lessons again to bring me up to par, (so to speak!), but I
really need some help with how to get both Silhouette and myself into
shape and start training.  Once I get the bit in my mouth there is no
stopping me when I set out to do something, so I would really appreciate
some insight as to how to start doing this.  I have just finished reading
The Complete Guide To Endurance Riding And Competition by Donna
Snyder-Smith which I bought 2 days ago.  I want to do this so badly I can
taste it,  so please if there is someone out there who could help, I thank
you, and who knows, maybe we'll meet on a ride!
                     Thank you all for listening!

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