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Re: living in KY???

Hi Jamie,

    I live in Mt Sterling/Owingsville area of KY.  We go to Daniel Boone
National Forest (about 25 miles away) outside of Morehead to ride.  There
are more than 100 miles of trails and is the site of 2002 AERC National
Championship Ride.  We have a very active regional Distance Club called
Daniel Boone Distance Riders which is IAHA affilated.  I've been in this
area 20 years (as of yesterday).  I know a good realtor if you need help.
I'd be happy to talk to you.

Mary Lynn Stockdale

859-498-4337  I'l be gone Thurs-Sun
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> jaime
> i am moving that way and wsa wondering in what areas are there the most
> endurance rides?? also where are some GOOD horse camp grounds with MILES
> 20 or more of trails??? also i am looking possibly in the mount sterling
> and morehead areas.. what are some good locations for horse land?? any
> help or leads
> jaime from alabama
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