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RE: Verbal Cues

My mare knows lots of verbal cues and is probably
learning more all the time.  I guess I'm just a verbal
rider.  She knows walk, trot, canter, slooow better
than eeeasy, ho (responds best if said sharply--she
taught me if said sharply she'll do it although I'm
trying to get her to listen if said quietly), ooover
(ground cue), leg (I stretch her front legs to ensure
girth isn't pinching any skin), alright or OK if she
wants to go faster and I finally allow it, down to get
her to lower her head (ground cue), and probably more
that I can't think of right now.
Yes, she also knows non-verbal cues also as I realize
she should be ridden more with fewer verbal cues. 
Like previous said, I am quite verbal.  I just find
the verbal cues helps her to more easily understand
what is requested with less irritation to her.
Anyone else out there a verbal rider too?  
Val and Sania

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