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Re: RC: Rides in the south??

The Appalachian Trail starts at Springer Mountain in Georgia and runs to
Katahdin, Maine.  Except for a few places, it is not open to
Equestrians.  You can learn more about it at:

I assume you're referring to Endurance Rides.  The South is not an
Endurance Region...there is Southeast and Southwest.  For Southeast
schedule, go to:

For Southwest, go to:

Jim, Sun of Dimanche, and Mahada Magic wrote:
> Jaime
> can someone tell me when and where the first rides are in the southern
> region??? If there are any left at all.... ALSO can someone tellme how far
> south the apaalachian trail comes, and into what state does it come the
> furthest south in??? is it actually possible to ride this trail the whole
> way??? if you know of a web site i could find this info that would be
> great..
> jaime in alabama
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