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Fw: [Enduranceriders2] Anyone hauling their trailer with a 32 ft RV?

> I was wondering if any of you are using an RV to haul and camp with?  John
and I are buying one in February and I am just curious to find out the
things you RV owners learned about hauling horses with one?
> We are looking at buying a Class A Fleetwood at around 3 years old, most
of the Fleetwoods carry around 70 gals of fresh water so I would only have
to haul one 55 gal water drum extra.  I was told the Class C's are not good
haulers as you have to extend the frame out to the bumper but the class A's
all have the frame out to the bumper.  We've looked under every Class A we
looked at so far and all of them have the hitch attached to the frame.
> I am also wondering if I HAVE to have the back up camera that way I can
see the trailer when backing up and I can also see the trailer while
driving. Also would steering stabilizers help any, from what I've heard some
like them and some don't.
> Cheryl (who only has 3 months left to go before she can RIDE!!!)

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