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Re: RC: Riding Every Step

To me, riding every step means being aware of where my horse's mind is.  Is 
it on me?  Or on that bush or cow or something else.  It means that as long 
as my horse's mind is on what we're doing, she can go along on a loose rein, 
picking her own pace.  But if I feel her attention shift, a slight tightening 
of the back, an ear tipped, a change of pace I didn't ask for that's not 
dictated by the trail,  I'm right there with leg, seat and rein to bring her 
attention back where it belongs.  My horse knows when she is working she's 
not supposed to be gawking at everything.  It's interesting that my 
girlfriend's horse pays attention to me when I ride her, she doesn't look 
around like she does with her owner.  I just automatically expect my horse to 
have it's attention focused on where we're going, the trail, and my cues.  

As Heidi said, there is a communication that may not be obvious to others.  
It makes for a lot nicer, more relaxed ride when you and the horse both know 
that the other is listening.  The horse doesn't need to spook as much, 
because it knows you will guide it through the scary places.  Of course every 
now and then the horse asks "Are you paying attention?"  by a fun little move 
that will unseat you if your not.  jeri 

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