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Riding Every Step

Wow...what a lot of great feedback, as always.
Just wanted to clarify a bit, though.

I think I was unclear as to the fact that there are degrees of riding every 
I, too, allow my horse to trot/canter long and low. He is allowed some 
freedom in
choosing his own route when the footing is unsure and picking a pace.
I think that Heidi picked-up best on what I was saying. 
In no way do I consider riding every step needing to be done in collection.
Nor do I force my horse into a frame...that would make him crazy. 
But, if I'm not riding every step, at some level, I wouldn't be prepared for
a spook, or a hole in the trail, or other horses speeding past, OR, most 
when my horse is communicating with ME.
Keeping him on my aids is something he expects of me. That's our 
Even long and low he's on the bit, although I know a lot of people ride 
without a bit.
I would like to try this sometime myself, but so far my horse likes the 
of the bit. When my seat is actively on and my legs are passively active, I 
am ready 
for a drive him through it so he pays attention to me and forgets 
spooked him.
I'm still new to endurance. Every ride I did last season I learned something 
someone, whether they were novice or experienced. I don't think there's ever 
something that works for every horse. I don't think there are any two horses 
react the same to the same stimulus. And no two people ride exactly the same 
Participating, watching, listening and taking everything that's said and 
what I may want to try is such fun. People have solved problems for me without
even knowing what they've done. 
I would never presume to think my way is the best way, for reasons I've 
I just think that you need to be aware, paying attention at some level, all 
the time.
Any problems I've had, have occured in that short time I think all is well 
I can zone out a bit.  

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