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    Re: [RC] Nick Warhol- Virginia City100 Ride Story- part 2 of4 - DreamWeaver

    Wheres the pictures, we want pictures:{{{

    oookay, I got one for you. This is part of one of the SOB's. Hopefully this won't be TOO FLAT FOR ANYBODY!! <bg> http://www.endurohorse.com/EHRide1097/1847.jpg (it's steeper than it looks, try it on foot sometime....lol) For more photos of some of the trail from VC, you can look at these from Washoe -- some of the trail is the same -- like the SOB's. http://www.endurohorse.com/event_pics.asp?1097p1-karen

    now I've gotta add another comment for Nick:

    Ever tried to sleep a foot from one, with a horse eating all night? Every
    movement of the horse=E2=80=99s head resulted in a loud squeak.  It got s=
    o bad that
    Judy finally got up in the middle of the night and tied him to the traile=

    GET A HI-TIE!! http://www.hitie.com/ They are sooooo quiet. I mean it. with 2 horses, the last couple of rides have been awesome. Wish I had that thing last summer. I too used to have to deal with that gawd awful squeak squeak squeak. Now it's totally quiet. No noise. Now I wake up just to check and make sure the horses are still there. It's great. Between that, Tammy's hay bags and having all of the buckets hooked and rubber-bungeed to the trailer, we're all set. ~zzzzz


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