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    [RC] I dont think this will affect endurance - Don Pollock

    > I just found this out today; it's easy to apply on line and it's free: <A
    > Equestrian - horse ID</A>
    > All horses competing in USA EQUESTRIAN-recognized competitions (except those
    > activities enumerated in Art. 1401.9, items 1-6) must be properly identified
    > and must obtain a Horse ID number from USA EQUESTRIAN. An identification
    > number for each horse must be entered on all entry forms for recognized
    > competitions. Only one Horse ID number will be issued per horse, and must
    > remain with the horse throughout its career. Anyone knowingly applying for a
    > duplicate Horse ID number for an individual horse may be subject to
    > disciplinary action.
    > USA EQUESTRIAN Annual and life recording numbers are the same as a Horse ID
    > number.
    > Applications for Horse ID numbers are available from the USA EQUESTRIAN
    > office, and/or can be downloaded from the USA EQUESTRIAN website, or from
    > competition management. Competition management is responsible for notifying
    > exhibitors of this requirement in their prize lists.
    > There will be NO CHARGE for Horse ID Numbers that are issued via the
    > internet to members of USA EQUESTRIAN or its affiliates for: 1) horses that
    > are also Annual and life recorded, registered or otherwise identified or
    > listed with a USA EQUESTRIAN discipline affiliate, or 2) horses registered
    > with a USA EQUESTRIAN breed affiliate. Horses not meeting the above criteria
    > must have a complete Identification Certificate submitted with the
    > application for a Horse ID Number before a number will be issued. Horse ID
    > Numbers issued via mail will be charged $10. Horse ID Numbers issued at a
    > competition will be charged $20.
    > Fees or penalties for hard copy applications have been waived until Dec. 1,
    > 2003.


    A friend sent this to me so I thought I'd sent it to ridecamp too.
    Don Pollock
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