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    Re: [RC] January 2002 European Chef d'Equipe Resolutions for FEI - Heidi Smith

    >You are telling me that AERC (as the representative of American Endurance
    Riding) can't mail a letter to the FEI?  Fed ex and the post office were
    still working yesterday as far as I can tell.  Perhaps its less "Official",
    but somehow I don't think FEI would miss the point.
    >I said nothing about AERC controlling International.  I simply said that we
    as an American and Canadian body, should stand on our principles.  We
    certainly managed to do so in practice at the Pan Am's; a letter shouldn't
    be that difficult.
    Alison, while I don't know that AERC has sent resolutions directly, they
    have certainly made their position known on many issues to FEI over the
    years.  Bob is correct that there is a chain of communication through our
    national federation (which is USAE), and it is our national federation which
    actually represents us to FEI.  However, last time I checked, back when USAE
    was still AHSA, their rule book's endurance section more or less just said
    "see AERC."  Input from AERC has made a great deal of difference in the way
    FEI rides have been run over the past two decades.  But like any other
    sport, endurance at an international level is going through some serious
    growing pains now, and we need to continue to make efforts to communicate,
    and voice what we have learned here from experience.
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    RE: [RC] January 2002 European Chef d'Equipe Resolutions for FEI, Alison Farrin