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    [RC] TWWW or CTR? - John & Sue Greenall

    On the East coast, we have a series of three day one hundred mile 
    rides.  Vermont is the oldest, in place for 67 years.  Personally, I 
    find these rides harder than an endurance ride and to earn the 
    ultimate award, the Florida Cup, for the best placing on three of 
    these rides, one of the most difficult challenges in distance riding.  
    Granted, they are judged events (CTR scoring), but after three days 
    the horses sort themselves out over the miles.  If I were to pick a 
    challenging, yet safe, form of distance competition it would be the 
    three day hundred.  But it is NOT an endurance ride.  Since 
    Matthew is very familiar with these rides, I am sure he used some 
    of the concepts from them to help develop his TWWW system.  
    Give it some time, he just might be on to a very good thing.
    John and Sue Greenall
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