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    [RC] Hey, new to endurance - shannon whateva

    Hey, I don't actually ride endurance but I'd like to try it sometime. So, yeah I'm a newbie :) I have a couple questions, if no one minds? Well, I have a 4 year old Morgan/Thoroughbred gelding. He's a stocky boy, around 15 or 15.1hh. I read that smaller framed horses are more favored for endurance rides but I once went for a 25 mile ride, and he did great. In fact, an hour afterwards he was rearing to go again, and this was in mid-day florida heat. (here's a picture of him at http://www26.brinkster.com/pyro122/wrangler3.jpg) I'm 13, and i read that before i can ride by myself i need to be 16 right? As far as training goes, how do i train him for this sport and build him up? He can be kinda dopey and pokes along, how do i get him to WANT to go? Any advice would be much welcomed :) thanks!!

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