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    [RC] The Way We Win - Roberta Jo Lieberman

    > It was tried at the 2002 OD.  I can't say that I
    impressed by the system as it currently stands. >
    Just a quick reply -- there is no "system as it
    currently stands." It's a work in progress and as
    Steph has challenged us, a forum to search for a
    better way. Very briefly, the core idea is to
    change the "rewards" of endurance riding so that
    conservation of the horse is the highest goal. For
    example, in international competition, one
    solution might be to eliminate Individual
    competitors and have only Team competition....this
    would shift the burden away from the control
    people (be they vets or FEI officials) to the
    riders. All six entries would compete as a "team"
    and four (or five) of six must finish. Imagine the
    shift in strategy involved if a team was riding
    for a prize of a million dollars.
    Matthew says: "If we get the rewards right, the
    overriding will take care of itself." The mission
    of TWWW is to encourage stewardship of the horse,
    not recklessness....to take away the inducement to
    go to the edge. The conservative rider can see the
    horizon of the edge, but stays a safe distance
    away from it.
    I'm in the process of preparing two updates (one
    that includes a more streamlined method of ranking
    rides, which is the greatest challenge in
    determining rewards) which will be uploaded to the
    web site shortly that should help to refine the
    idea and a possible direction. I can also post
    them directly to Ridecamp. Thanks to everyone who
    has signed on in the last few days.
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