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    Re: [RC] "Auction" horses? - Laurie Durgin

    If you plan to use him for endurance the worm issue seems to be the most risky. He probably could do other things and it not be such an issue. You'd be "safer" maybe if you found a horse that was physically cared for, but the owners just dind't use him for much except an ornament. Mine were that way . One owners horses, exponyclubber with 5 kids, just never did much with them, then had to move suddenly.  Laurie and Rascal
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    From: Jennifer Thompson
    Sent: Tuesday, September 24, 2002 2:18 PM
    To: Ridecamp
    Subject: [RC] "Auction" horses?
    Okay....may be going to go look at a horse tomorrow and need
    some advice.

    Turns out he came from the auctions and is unregistered.  A
    trainer from the LA Equestrian Center bought him a year ago
    after spotting him at the sales and couldn't bear to see him
    go to the killers.  He has put 8 months of training on him,
    and now wants to sell him to someone who will do something
    useful with him.  Good conformation, good withers, straight
    legs, great feet - currently barefoot.

    The horse is almost 5 years old and was never ridden before
    this trainer got him.  A vet check will put any lameness
    issues to rest, I hope.

    However, the seller did say that the horse was very wormy
    when he first got him, but he has been worming him regularly
    since then.  He then mentioned that right now he is a little
    concerned about the horse because he has not been finishing
    his hay lately, and is worried something may be wrong (boy,
    is this honest or what?).  He also said it could just be the
    105+ degree heat we've been having (my own mare did not
    finish her hay yesterday either)....I am still afraid of
    intestinal damage from the worms he had before....is there
    anyway to know if there is any?  The seller said that the
    horse has not been off his feed for the past year that he's
    had him, only the last few days - although he is not the
    type of horse that bolts his food anyway...kinda takes his
    time.  I'm still feeling leery though...I've seen a horse
    die of damage from past worm infestation and don't want to
    see it again.

    Are there any other caveats to buying a horse with an
    unknown past?  Even if it's a young horse?  Anything to
    check for?  Anything a vet should check for above and beyond
    a normal vet check?

    Should I steer clear of this horse?

    The seller sounds very honest - I asked every question I was
    given advice here to ask (we were on the phone for 45
    minutes), and the seller told me all of the horse's faults
    right up front.  He is scared of puddles (but will cross
    streams no problem) and had a bad tooth that led to some
    bitting issues.  Wolf tooth was pulled by the vet one month
    ago, and horse is now doing better, although still tenses up
    and gets behind the bit when turned to the right (the side
    the wolf tooth was on).  He said that this is gradually
    getting better, as the horse is learning that the pain is
    gone and not to fear the bit.  He rides him in a french link

    The horse has been trained mainly on busy trails in the Los
    Angeles area (Griffith Park), knows all the basics - turns
    off fore and hind, sidepasses, collects and extends, knows
    his transistions.  He said the horse is very willing, loves
    people, and likes to move out.

    Horse prefers to be in front while on trail, but doesn't
    pitch a huge fit if held back.

    He sounds so tempting to go see.....but an auction horse?
    Sounds so risky!

    Advice for me?


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