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    [RC] [Guest] Shock Absorbing Shoes - Ridecamp Guest

    Patty Jackson brentnpatty@xxxxxxx
    I am currently using the Equithotics on a mare who developed very
    sore feet from the hard ground in my area.  They have helped her
    considerably in going more comfortably.  
    The only difficulties I have had with them are:  my ferrier hates
    having to put them on.  They are a little more work.  (but he does
    a great job with them)  Also,  I have had some trouble due to my
    horses being on a pasture which is watered with sprinklers
    everyother day.  The moisture gets trapped in causing soggy
    soles, and rocks and mud pack into the center hole.  This can
    cause some bruising if not kept cleaned constantly.  I do not
    think any of this would be a problem is she were kept on dry
    ground.  These shoes are also a bit expensive.
    For certain they have helped my mare continue to get A's on
    soundness doing limited distance, but I may try the Ground
    Control shoes next.
    Patty Jackson
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