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    [RC] What I have learned(advice 48yo) - Steven & Trudy Hurd

     These are some of the wonderful bits of advice received on this list and privately. Thank you all ...you words of encouragement are most welcome and your advice will be put to use.
    -Dressage instruction best way to learn riding
    -Volunteer to work on a ride
    -Dressage will probably help (you) become a very balanced rider
    -Balance it the key to assisting horse
    -Ride a 15 mile clinic day ride
    -JUST DO IT!!
    -Go to clinic to create an elastic connection with your horse
    -Seems to take longer to get fit and we lose it sooner
    -Has ridden same horse in several LD rides and one 50 and I'm 64 now.
    -your only 48?
    -most endurance riders are older
    -just get out there and ride
    -Riding is secondary to horsecare and manners
    -Might as well make it your "50 by 50" program
    -It's Addictive!