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    Re: [RC] junior riders - Laurie Durgin

    I NEED some Camp songs!, Rascal is sick of hearing "Old Macdonald had a Farm' and "Amazing grace" 's pitch goes too high and makes him nervous. I have invented ridiculous verses for Ol Macdonald, usually referring to couches and refrigerators as we pass them.. . . singing in a monotone helps him go right past bashed tvs, and almost!!! the deer carcuss and 3 vultures snacking on it when we went round the corner .  Friday. I figured it was a poacher dump, cause the 2 fish that were dumped  with it were still fresh.  ... YYuuuccch  send me camp songs, I never got to go to camp.Sometine with more verses than "99 bottles of beer on the wall. .   Laurie and Rascal
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    My record is 6 kids. Of course, I only agreed to take that many because all of them except one was an experienced distance rider on horses I knew. I would never take that many rookies!!
    It helps if you know a lot of 4-H camp songs. Right, Jeannie?
    Maggie "The Bear Song" Pritchard

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