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    [RC] Over-vaccinated for WNV!? - A Dunn

    There are a couple of vets that come to my barn.  I missed a clinic with one vet, so had the other vet give my horse his first WNV vaccine.  The first vet had a second clinic for the second booster.  My horse made it to the clinic but I didn't because he had fallen with me that day and I was in the hospital.  I never got around to mentioning to the second vet that my horse had the booster.  Well, today (one week later) the second vet was out at the barn today, and knowing I was out of comission for awhile, gave my horse what he thought was the second booster.  So he had one shot, 3 weeks later another, then 1 week later another.  Will this harm him at all?  (I don't want to ask the vets, because they meant well, and I should've mentioned to the second vet that the booster had been given.)

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