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    Re: [RC] Pre-Ride VC Issues and a few others - Rae Callaway

      I guess this is one place where my horses' training for the halter ring
    can come in handy.  They learn in that to move out at a nice brisk trot
    when I cluck and take off - no cantering allowed!
    --- Rae Callaway
    --- tallcarabians@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
    --- Tall C Arabians - SE Texas
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    > From: Heidi Smith <heidi@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
    > To: <steph@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>; <tprevatt@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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     > Date: 6/12/2002 8:11:49 AM
    > Subject: Re: [RC]   Pre-Ride VC Issues and a few others
    > I agree, Truman, and while I am not particularly pleased to have to watch
    > horses that aren't properly trained to trot out, it is not difficult to
    > which ones are simply uneducated, and which ones are too tired to move out
    > of their tracks.
    > Heidi
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