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    Re: [RC] What is the ONE thing? - Howard Bramhall

    I wish someone would have told me to take it slow, to not be competitive and not even be all that worked up about getting a completion.  None of those things are important; the only important thing is the health of your horse when your ride is over.
    It's taken me over 3 years to figure out that even though the sport has all the appearances of being a race, this is not what you want to do.  It takes years of experience and lots of knowledge to get to the level where you want to even think about top tenning at an endurance ride.  I never had a mentor and I should have had one, because you can mess up with your horse if you're not paying attention.
    So, to sum up my one thing:  Don't race, go slow!
    Howard (gee, I'm sure she wanted to hear that) 
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    What is the ONE thing you wished you had know, or wished someone had told you
    before you started endurance? I am contemplating trying out my first 25 in the
    spring and would like to be enlightened. :o)


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