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    [RC] Jerez - news, Sep 13 - Steph Teeter

    September 13
    Wednesday (S. 12) was a flurry of activity: obtaining passes and
    accreditation, hooking up to the Net, learning the routes to and from our
    hotel, the rider's hotel, the media center, the main WEG stadium, the
    Eventing and Endurance course and statium, and some miscellaneous shopping.
    Had dinner with the other volunteers at an outdoor restaurant by the beach.
    Warm, pleasant, relaxed.
    Pamela Burton (photo journalist) and I hooked up in Madrid on Tuesday (S.
    10) and spent the first night at a small hotel outside Madrid. Always
    surprises, we ran into a woman from Idaho, a long distance cyclist, and
    spent the evening over dinner and wine comparing our sports and having a
    wonderful first night in Spain. Pamela had rented a car and the next morning
    (S. 11) we made the 7 hour drive through central/southern spain to Jerez.
    Nice drive, pretty country - very open, lots of agriculture - looked quite a
    bit like northern California - vinyards, olive groves.
    Today (S. 13) we had breakfast with the volunteer group. Ellen Betker
    (volunteer coordinator) passed out maps, instructions, and organized
    different groups to be at the various crew points so that the riders would
    have water and anything they felt they might need for themselves and their
    horses. The course has very long loops and short holds, so these stops will
    probably be very important during the ride.
    We headed over to the temporary barn and spent several hours hanging out,
    talking to folks, soaking up the incredible energy. This is a very 'up'
    group of riders, crews and staff. Very positive and cooperative attitude.
    Art Priesz is the Chef d'Equipe and is helping create a focused, postitive
    team. Bob Beecher as team Vet is also contributing to a very tight,
    supportive attitude. Spirits are high. For the most part the horses are in
    great shape. After a long over-land trip from Amsterdam with long hours of
    travel (up to 15 hrs nonstop at times) and a grueling schedule, they arrived
    and spent the next week putting the weight back on the horses and letting
    them rest. There are some minor problems with foot/shoeing issues, but are
    these being aggressively treated and the outlook is very good for all of the
    The horses are being temporarily stabled at a ranch near Girrapilos, the
    Endurance site. The ranch is owned by an ex-circus performer who still keeps
    a pair of albino tigers around for fun :) Very nice place, with backyard
    access to part of the course. The horses will probably move to the official
    stable at the Garrapilos on Saturday.
     - later,
    Steph Teeter
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