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    Re: [RC] Digestible Energy (DE) vs Protein - Susan Garlinghouse

    > Just my own personal experience with my own endurance horses and
    > broodmares--in hard work or lactation, they will readily go up to about
    > I do think there is some degree of familial tendency there, though--the
    > horses I've seen do this are the older-style Arabs, and the numbers that
    > Susan quotes are more what I've seen out in practice in the horse
    Yes, I would agree with that.  For everyone else (you already know this,
    Heidi), appetite increases with energy requirements, so for a horse getting
    a lot of consistent and steady work (by our standards, not a show barn's),
    then it's amazing what an endurance horse will hoover down given the
    opportunity.  However, that usual 3-3.5% *is* dry matter, not on an as-fed
    basis, so 4% per day for a thousand pound horse is around 44-46 pounds of
    hay in a day.  Lotta food.  I have seen it, though, as you have, but I have
    also seen it in non older-type Arabians---my Anglo, for one.  He can put
    away food like you wouldn't believe.
    >Just one more of those parameters where the little >horses adapted
    >to tough conditions, developing the capacity to eat when >it was available,
    I do also agree that it seems to be familial, or at least is a consistent
    trait in successful (long term) distance horses.  Granted, I'm biased, but
    if any asked me for the traits to look for in a good endurance prospect, way
    high on my list would be the ability and willingness to eat like a pig in
    the midst of cannon fire.
    Susan G
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