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    Re: [RC] Digestible Energy (DE) vs Protein - Heidi Smith

    >Susan : Most horses at maintenance can't won't eat more than about 2.5% dry
    matter of their body weight daily total.  Growing horses, lactating mares
    and hard working horses can eat more, tops is usually around 3-3-5% dry
    >Me : I showed this to my horses and they laughed a lot!  I made them
    promise to try and stick to those percentages, but I'll see if they can keep
    that promise ;-)))
    Just my own personal experience with my own endurance horses and
    broodmares--in hard work or lactation, they will readily go up to about 4%.
    I do think there is some degree of familial tendency there, though--the only
    horses I've seen do this are the older-style Arabs, and the numbers that
    Susan quotes are more what I've seen out in practice in the horse population
    at large.  Just one more of those parameters where the little horses adapted
    to tough conditions, developing the capacity to eat when it was available,
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    Re: [RC] Digestible Energy (DE) vs Protein, Kristene Smuts