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    Re: [RC] Digestible Energy (DE) vs Protein - Susan Garlinghouse

    >Me : I do have a spreadsheet and it's great!  I can use hypothetical
    ingredients and see the results without having to actually purchase the
    stuff.  I can also work out exactly what I have to do for an individual
    Just keep in mind that the average feed values published in tables can vary
    pretty widely, especially in the forages.
    >Me : At what age can I start relaxing?  I believe the most growing is up to
    age 3?
    For all intents and purposes, you can feed a horse as an adult after the age
    of two.  Personally, I back off on the energy at two, but feed a "baby
    level" of minerals and vitamins until at least three.  The protein can back
    off at two as well as long as it's a high quality protein, ie soybean meal
    in there somewhere.  Some vitamins and minerals I keep feeding at growing
    horse levels all their life--ie, I like higher zinc, copper, vitamin E & A
    regardless of the age level.
    >Me : I'll have to get a regular source to be able to do the >analysis.
    Sources are variable and I have to take what I >can get.  I will have to go
    long on bales for next season, >so it will then be easier to do an analysis.
    And worth it, too.  I just got back the analysis for my year's supply of hay
    and found out it doesn't have the protein level I was expecting, and the
    calcium-phosphorus ratio is inverted, despite what the feed tables tell you
    to expect.  Worth the $19, as now I can formulate a custom mix through the
    local mill that supplies exactly what levels of nutrients I want.
    >Thank you very much for all the info, Susan, I really >appreciate it.
    You're welcome.  :-)))
    Susan G
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