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    Re:Re: [RC] The Arabian Breed; how *big* is BIG? - rides2far

    >"How big is he now?" asks I.
    >"17 hands" says she!
    >>17 HANDS!!!!!  Is that possible?
    >>"How much do you think he'll want for him?" I querred.
    >>"I'd imagine around $300 or $400."
    I had a man ask me if I'd board a horse for him once. In the course of
     my questioning of the owner I asked, "How big is she?"  He said, "umm
     13 or 18 hands I think"  (with a PERFECTLY straight face). I talk ALL
     descriptions of height with a grain of salt.  Call about a pony
     sometime.  The owners usually say "She comes about to my waist".  So
     I'd say, "How tall are you?". What would really kill me was when it
     didn't even come to their waist! Don't they know where their waist is?
    The top of my head is 15.1 hands with my shoes on. Comes in handy when I
     want to argue height.  For some reason I can look over the backs of
     many a "15.2" horse.
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