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    Fwd: [RC] A message to Jeremy Reynolds - FASTGraphic

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    In a message dated 9/9/2002 11:14:56 PM Pacific Daylight Time, 
    Merryben@xxxxxxx writes:
    << an individual who is truly grieving for the loss of his friend.  >>
    Boy, do I understand his grief and YES - I am sickened as well by the 
    callousness and cruelty of that post.  I lost an equine friend last year - 
    one my wife referred to as "the other woman" in my life.  :o)    There is no 
    feeling like  that which stems from holding this massive head in your lap 
    while a body which was once so strong, so willing, so glorious, and so much a 
    part of you from between your legs, becomes weak and then finally gives up 
    and passes with a last, great, laborious breath.  Obviously this obscene post 
    was written by someone who has never known the symbiotic beauty of a horse 
    and rider.  Never known the trust and, yes, the friendship and love that 
    develops.  I have moved on to another "other woman."  But my heart will 
    always ache when my eyes catch the small memorial in our tack shed - pictures 
    of Vesper and the quote, "Her mighty heart captured ours."  Our family still 
    feels the grief of that loss.  Those who do not or can not understand this 
    are really not much worth our time.

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